Android is the hottest mobile software nowadays in the world, but that does not mean it can not be installed on the desktop or laptops with working WiFi and other hardware. There are several ways of installation you may have seen online which induce virtual device emulation and bootable USB versions or even full stand-alone applications like BlueStacks. Each has their own pros and cons depending on your request I am choosing Android for a clean installation on hard-disk with grub boot-loader and as an only operating system of computer and laptop.
It is touch-friendly comes pre-installed on mobiles and tablets but there is a way to port this operating system on pc and android X86 are working for this and have successfully ported many versions of android for pc the latest version of their built is android 6.0 marshmallow and it is fully functional and working for laptops and desktops. Today I am going to explain to you how you can successfully install android X86 on any laptop or pc.
For installation of Android, I am using android x86 iso which is easily available online and it is based on original source code of google android with few patches in the kernel of Linux provided by the android x86 opensource project.


I am not responsible for any hardware failure and data loss after installing do this at your own risk. Android X86 is not an official project of Google and not compatible with all computers and laptops to get success in installation follow all the steps carefully and we recommend data backup before installation. if you get any trouble in installation then mention in comments we will reply as soon as possible.

Things you need!

  • Iso image of Android X86

  • Download
  • Rufs bootable USB creator tool

  • Download
  • Usb at least with one GB free space (you can buy from any retail shop)

  • Windows, Linux or Mac (i am going with windows)

  • Wifi (optional for sign into your google account and downloading apps)

  • Preparation

    Download Android x86 iso and rufs from the above-given link, and create a bootable USB with rufs
    NOTE:(If you are on Linux and mac os x you can use unetbootin for creating bootable USB)and restart your computer.


    Installation of Android x86 is very easy it only takes four to five minutes to install a complete os on pc but it needs all the steps must be taken With care if you miss any of the steps or do something wrong during installation you will not be able to boot into operating system so be careful during installation.
    1. Reboot your computer and press F12 or F10 to open boot options screen
    2. select boot from usb
    3. you will get grub (GNU or Linux boot loader) select forth option -install android to hard disk and press enter
    NOTE:(you will get 4 different options to boot the computer. The live cd options are to use or test android os from cd and from USB without installation and the fourth one is to install Android x86 on the hard disk. I suggest you to first select live cd option to test android for compatibility if everything works perfectly then restart again and install on your computer hard disk)android x86 install
    4. wait for few seconds and window will show up to select partition of the hard disk where you want to install android select your partition and press enter.
    5. Now select ext4 and press enter in order to format your hard disk into the ext4 file system.
    NOTE: do not install on fat32 and NTFS partition your installation may fail to run only ext2 ext3and ext4 are working formats and I prefer/suggest ext4 to you because it is the latest version of the file system.
    6. click on yes to format your partition as ext4 file system.
    7. select yes to install grub bootloader or skip if you want to install another bootloader manually (i suggest you install it is best GNU bootloader) you might get GRUB2 installation after this select yes there too.
    NOTE: your system won't boot if you skip it
    8. select yes here because the directory must be read-write.
    9. your system installation will start
    10. After installation, you will get this screen asking for 512mb to create image select yes here.
    11. Here 512 MB is required for file system but I want to use all space of my hard disk to save data/songs/apps etc on it I have 250gb of hard disk I want to use my entire hard disk space on Android. so 1024mb is = 1gb (i have 250gb) then 1024 * 250 =256000 mean 250gb is equals to 256000mb
    i removed 512 and entered 256000 in you need to enter your gbs inform of MBS here and press enter.
    12. After writing your data image your system will show this screen select reboot/restart here if you had followed all the steps correctly your system restart correctly if you didn't you will get error 17 or Grub bootloader error
    13. After success in installation configure your pc or laptop like tablet and mobile.

    Below video update video of android installation this will help you to install and configure android on your pc.