All those computer applications which help you to maintain, clean, analyze, configure and optimize your computer is utility software. utility software was actually made for windows some of them are more than decade old, they help users to optimize their computer and reduce human effort in optimizing computer for high performance with the help of different tools with a single click.
The system optimizing tools/ software trend was started on windows in the 21st century it gained popularity on apple platform and Linux actually do not need utility software a user can do small tweaks manually like cleaning installer leftovers, temp directory and un-installing application but it is the great idea to use the same kind of software on Linux too to make life easier on Linux as well and in this today I am giving you my weapon of choice on Linux platform for optimizing Linux operating system. which I use day to day for optimizing Linux.

1. BleachBit

BleachBit is the number one cleaning utility software on Linux with very advanced cleaning and privacy maintaining features it cleans your Linux operating system like no other application do. it is considered as a C cleaner of Linux. it improves overall system speed and wipes free disk space. A root scan provides you access to those files which can not be removed by the normal scan. It is a free software you can download it with its source code.

2. Stacer

Stacer is another great newcomer in system utility software it is developed in windows fashioned and have utilities like windows utilities software have. On Dashboard it gives you your system information, download/upload speed and the system processor, memory, and disk usage, it clean different cache of the system to maintain system privacy, Stacer helps you to boost your start-up by disabling unnecessary applications and services it also have uninstaller to remove unnecessary apps from the computer. it is free software and have source code on GitHub. it is built for Ubuntu Linux but can be installed on any Linux distribution.