The use of Instant messaging applications playing important role in our life in this century, they give us new methods to interact with others which are fun and most easy ways to connect and talk to loved ones. These applications are available on a variety of platforms which include desktops and mostly the mobile phones, like android which have thousands of social & messaging applications who always try to compete with each other on features and popularity.
Instant messaging applications for linux
Most applications are made for mobiles and few have desktop versions and Desktop versions of instant messaging apps are very handy when you have no access to mobile and when you are not in the mode of typing on mobile and in this article, you will find best-messaging apps for Linux.


It seems weird to me also that I am first choosing Microsoft software Skype for Linux but the truth is that skype is cross-platform application and most of the people use it for various purposes from simple chat to online interviews and business meeting skype is one of the most mature and most advanced desktop application for instant messaging application.


Telegram ranks second best in my opinion because of its ease of use and security. Telegram is also the cross-platform application you can get it on all devices it gives you more control on an app than others instant messaging applications. This application is features rich and The feature I like most is its security it is most secure app ever build for instant messaging and respect your privacy its messages are very heavily encrypted and gets self-destructed its security features are more advanced than others I personally prefer telegram over others for personal use.


the wire is an other encrypted open source messaging app it is privacy-focused and gives complete encryption for all types of contents wire does not have adds and give high-quality text chat, group chat, voice calls and video calls.


Viber is also one of the best cross-platform application this lets you call, message and share media with your friends and family for free. This app works nicely on all devices including Linux but the privacy and security are not guaranteed by Viber but this application is very good for interaction with others.


Pidgin is an other easy to use and free chat client for Linux and one of the oldest one too.   Pidgin lets you connect with your friends on more than one services at once like AIM, Google Talk, and MSN but on latest update Pidgin developers removed most of the not maintained protocols and services from their app including Yahoo and MSN.