Linux is the free kernel which is available for everyone to build an operating system on it. The first version of the Linux operating system was launched by Richard stallmen as a free software to run on different computers this software is free to edit run and redistribute. Linux has the long list of its distribution since its first launch "known as GNU/Linux".
Operating systems also require other apps to perform the specific function on it like office work there is more than one software today here I am going to give you some suggestions for some must-have applications for Linux operating systems.

linux softwares
Note   All software are free to use and download for Linux


HDD Ranger

From along we are hearing that Linux Operating systems Do not get fragments on hard disks but this is not true Linux also gets fragments on hard-disk which is the main cause of nonresponsive application and slow down of computer most of the Linux distros include their own built-in defragmenting tool like Ubuntu have one in it which works in background without letting you know. This is the tool which is built for de-fragmenting hard-disk on Linux based operating system it supports "Ext 2/3/4, btrfs, reiserf and xfs file system" for the de-fragmenting Linux based operating system.

G parted

G parted is the disk utility application which can create partitions from the main drive you can re-size re-organize your partition without losing your data the great feature of G parted is that you can recover your data from lost partitions.


BleachBit is Ccleaner type of applications for cleaning apps and system junk for Linux users it cleans installed apps temporary data, broken shortcuts, Browsers history, cache, and cookies, and wipes free space from the system and speeds up your computer.


Gnome Disks is the best disk utility apps in this app you can create and format different partitions, create images for of your data directly from your cd/DVDs and you can restore USB with your image/iso images it also test your hard-disk for bad sectors and I/O errors.
Firewall Configuration
Firewall configuration utility helps you to configure your Linux firewall you can monitor incoming and outgoing data easily with this app.

G debi package installer

G debi is the simple utility app which can install apps offline without internet connection directly from the .deb package you do not need -apt command or any software center for installation. it is very handy and useful software for Debian and Debian based distros users.


Windows users rejoice wine provide base compatibility layer of windows operating system to run windows based programs on Linux system. it also provides binary emulator and windows library. if you are missing your windows software on Linux wine is very handy software for you

Synaptic package manager

Synaptic package manager is the library of Linux software which has almost all apps new or old but it have one problem in it its user interface have no snapshots of apps you cannot configure apps by just their name and This software is also for Ubuntu and Debian based distributions users.

Web browsers

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is unquestionably the best overall internet browser in for all platforms. It has very convenient features and clean layout for intuitive navigation and safe browsing. It is the competitor of Firefox in speed and security. Google Chrome is created as a free software project and there is No doubt Google Chrome will continue to provide an innovative browser, security, and usability.

Fire fox

Firefox is a simple, Most secure and user-friendly browser with numberless add-ons it has provides fully customized browsing experience as well as a basic, hassle-free interface for more casual browsing. This internet browser leaves behind its few competitors on some benchmarks, but the differences are few and Mozilla Firefox proves to be one of the top free and most secure internet browsers around.

Download Managers


Deluge is the best torrent downloading software for the cross-platform it provides easy to use and easy user interfaces for downloading BitTorrent files over the p2p network. I also suggest this app for another platform for downloading torrents.

Flare Get

You might be missing internet download manager in Linux but there is an application who can fulfill your need Flare-get is the best download manager for multiple platforms it is available on Linux for free this application provides you all the features of internet download manager it has browser integration, Grab Videos and other files and let you download files in pieces.


Uget is another good download manage the feature it lacks is the grabber in this app you have to insert your links manually to download files.



Messenger is the free Facebook chat app it was first launched for mobile phones Android and iPhone now it is available for Ubuntu for online chat and for free calls on Ubuntu with Facebook friend


Pidgin is a chat Clint for all platforms it enables you to chat on different networks at the same time and enables you to call and message on different networks. Pidgin supports many features of these chat networks, such as file transfers, away messages, buddy icons, custom smilies, and typing notifications.


Corel after shot

AfterShotPro is an excellent photo management tool for RAW or pre-processed (e.g. jpg, tiff) images. I find that it provides a straightforward and very efficient workflow and just gets the job done significantly faster than other tools that I've tried on Ubuntu. However, it lacks some of the functionality that one may find in the leading photo manager for Windows.


Gimp is an advanced image processing/editing tool it is the best alternative to photoshop available for Linux it provides the same type of functionality as photoshop provides on windows.
Raw therapy
Raw therapy is advanced photo development program it converts raw images and process digital photos It is a powerful app capable of producing excellent results. The noise removal tool is impressive and the film emulation tool saves a lot of time. It also integrates well with gimp. The result would provide a heavy UNIX based mostly alternative to Adobe Lr.


WPS office

WPS office is the best office application for it provide Microsoft like user interface and is fully compatible with PPT, DOC, DOCX, XLS And XLSX and also Save Documents As A PDF


Libre office is ms office like application this app is also fully compatible with Microsoft Office and the best replacement/alternative of Microsoft office in most Linux distributions it comes preloaded/preinstalled and you can open all formats of office documents with LibreOffice.

Sound and video

Audio city 

The audio city is the multitasking application it helps you to record and edit your sounds/ music easily by working on different audio tracks.


VLC also was known as VideoLAN is the best audio and video player out there it is simple, fast and support almost all type of audio and video codecs whether it is DVD music cd or any live tv streaming it works better than others.


Rhythmbox is a great standard music player. Music is very well organized and playback is easy to control and have the aforementioned range of online streaming services.