Facebook is the fastest growing social network site in the world it gives you free access to basic Facebook through mobile service providers, almost 25 lack new user join Facebook daily through different sources. but sharing your information on Facebook has a big risk everyone can get your personal information through Facebook, and get you in a deep trouble you can minimize these misfortunes by following few below steps. These steps help you're to increase your Facebook security, keep you secure from hackers and help you to differentiate between good people and good people.

1. Avoid friendship with unknown persons.

Facebook is currently blocking those ids who send or accept friendship requests to unknown people/people outside of the country and why you should be accepting a friendship request from an unknown person, and what is the reason behind the friendship request so, stick with those on facebook you know personally.

2. Use social network monitoring

Take advantage of free social network monitoring tools to track your social media presence few of them are listed below you can use them. These services inform you what you need to know in easy way some of these also monitor your ideas like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and become your shield against cyber bully, reputation issue e.t.c
  • Hootsuite

  • Addictomatic

  • wildfire app by google

  • 3. Always check address bar before clicking any link

    Always keep your eye on Facebook address bar that your address is green or not if it is not green or the address is not www.facebook.com instead of this it is something else like www45.facebook.com, Facebook.kr etc then avoid going to that site or never click on that link because people do steal your password as well as spam you and your friends.

    4. Avoid sharing personal information

    Do not allow any dating site or any unknown site to share your data which you are sharing with your family and friends because they give your complete information to unknown peoples you never want that risk to be taken. Be careful in putting your personal information in your profile like e-mail, phone number, Skype name e.t.c and never share your upcoming event or traveling event on Facebook because there are chances of being robbed.

    5. Change your password every so often

    do not make your password easy to be hacked like your mobile number, pet name, your date of birth these passwords are easy to be hacked especially by your relatives use lower case letter , capital letter, symbols like "ManzOOr1200&^(ahMed" as your password the longer and more complicated password makes it difficult to crack for hackers and always remember to log-out from your id especially on shared computer and devices because if you leave as it is there are chances someone may mess with your id and personal info .

    6. Set your profile privacy setting to friends

    By doing this you will be able to control who have accesses to your profile and pictures.


    *monitor pictures you are tagged in
    *Do not post your pictures under any kind of influence
    *Always report all types of abuse on abuse@facebook.com
    *never accept any type of friendship request or suggestion from people you do not know
    *remember you can report or block person he who is harassing, bullying or abusing you.
    *Never post any harmful picture, video, status and comment on Facebook.
    *if someone is harassing you-you can go offline from chat
    *Monitor your children weekly
    *Do not respond to unknown people on chat