Internet Security Suite is essential for all of our daily use devices it protects us from all kinds of threats that may harm us in different ways.Nowadays Computers are not fully protected unless they have a very strong internet security suite with daily updates of definition files and a dual layer of firewalls which stops malicious scrips and codes on your computer mobile e.t.c. Crackers hackers are very sharp they have many ways to trick you to run malicious code on your computer they send you spam phishing even nowadays advertisements have malicious scripts to steal your identity and passwords.


Windows is the most affected operating system with security threats because it is mostly used worldwide. The home users are the main target of hackers and identity thieves they want you credit card numbers to use them for their own purposes. For windows users, i recommend Kaspersky internet security 2017 it has a good reputation and all kind of tools to protect you against malware infections such as viruses worms tor-gens etc.


Linux users think they are secure from all kind of threats and most Linux distros claim that they have no virus or security issues but this is not true Linux also have security issues often Linux user also get infected by viruses Linux kernel also have few vulnerabilities. For Linux I recommend Comodo and Sophos, comodo have graphical UI and Sophos is a command line antivirus. for extra security I recommend BitDefender for Linux users which give high security.

Mac os x

Mac os x users have the same problem like Linux They also think their mac do not get viruses and viruses are also infecting Mac users,   os x users become the first priority for hackers and crackers for credit card and id stealing because most of the rich people use the mac. My number one choice for mac is avast. Avast is the best antivirus tool for Mac users it is free and gives you full protection against mac viruses.


Nowadays use of Android devices is increasing android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and it is getting better day by day with its newly released versions but Android is also not fully secure it also have malicious apps even play store apps have adds and worst of all you do not have add block on your web browsers and Android applications so you are not secure on android the advertisements o applications may trick you to download app from play store which is annoying and irritating .Sophos is my number one choice on android its detection rate is best and secure your mobile from viruses malicious apps and protect your browser.


There is no 100% solution for securing your device, crackers develop new ways to trick you but you can protect yourself by using different ways by keeping eye on what you are doing online be careful while downloading anything track every script runs in your browser and computer remember no hacker is enough trained to harm you and there is not any software well made to protect you 100% from threats it depends on you how you use your device and what are your browsing habits.