Nowadays search engine like Google is our daily life partner they help us in many ways in this post I will tell you some amazing features of the google search that you might never know before.Google is the most advanced and most used web search engine every day Google handles more than three billion searches from all over the world. Google has some amazing features that you might never know before. Today I am going to tell you the few most amazing features of this search engine that I love to use and may help you in hurry.

1. Search in different languages

In Google, you can search in 123 different languages spoken all over the world. Google provide keyboard screen to help users to type in their own kind of language and-also display results in the language you have searched.

2. Google Translate

Google translate is the program helping peoples to communicate with each other. Just type Translator in Google search-select your desired language and type or copy paste whatever you want to translate.

3. Flight tracking

Flight Tracking is the feature helps you find departure and arrival of your desired flight you can track your flight by typing name of your flight in search Google shows you the exact-time-date and location of departure and arrival of the flight.

4. Calculator

The calculator is another amazing feature of googling this help you in calculating without leaving your web browser.

5. Weather

Google Weather let you know the weather of your current location by typing weather in a search. If your location is not correctly detected by google you can use weather= (your location).

6. Conversions

currency converter, Length-converter, mass, speed e.t.c are very easy to use and very helpful tools of google you can use them without leaving your web-browser.

7. Define

Define is the very helpful feature of google it gives you definition of anything you type in search 8. Public data Public data gives you the growth rate, development, population e.t.c data of any country-city of the world.