Tor is a browser built on Mozilla Firefox for private browsing to become anonymous while surfing on internet. Tor prevent tracking of your online activity when you go to any web through tor network it gives you secure circuit where nobody can track you for example when you browse any website your first circuit is Browser Germany France Italy Website when you click on next link your circuit will change into something like that Browser United Kingdom Germany United states Website But there is a way to prevent this kind of change of location in tor browser if you want to stay anonymous but do not want to change IP location, again and again, there is a way to do this simply navigate your self to
on windows
C:\Users\username\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor
On Linux
and open "torrc" file with notepad and add these two lines to end
ExitNode {US} 
StrictNode 1
If you are on Linux location of file is same but you need another software to open torrc file for instance with kate text editor
Change the US in code to your desired country, for instance, Pk for PAKISTAN UK for united kingdom and GB for Germany
your country will never change while browsing with tor browser for more details watch below video
Download Tor