The operating system is the system software which is essential for any electronic device /computer to run programs and software on it. An operating system is a set of different programs and utilities which makes devices functional and usable to perform different tasks, devices cannot work without the operating system and become useless. The operating system consists of a different small set of programs like Kernel, Shell, Compiler, the GUI, Firmware and file explorer which are essential to communicate between software and hardware. There are many operating systems available online all of them have only one function to make devices enable to perform different tasks.
Everyone has their own choice of operating systems some prefer GNU/Linux for security and server hosting, some use Windows to run adobe photoshop for graphics designing and gaming but all of the operating systems share only one purpose to make device useable for performing various tasks. I had reviewed more than one time about operating systems on this blog in past years, and every year all os makers add new features to their operating system and produce the new version of their operating system which sometimes increases consumption/use of their operating system, and sometimes people stop using their product. This year I decided to review for different devices, different users and for different use bare with me and keep reading this article/review to the end you may find what you are looking for. I had spent hours on research to give you what suits for your use and device in 2018, I will try my best to cover each and everything in this article and your suggestions about my blog and tips for improvements are needed in comments.


Last year Ubuntu 17.10 was released and most Linux and home users were waiting for this release and wanted to see what's new in Ubuntu after dropping Unity desktop environment on the other end I was not excited for this release because it is not long-term support release and I was sure about the migration from Xorg to Wayland and Unity to Gnome GUI may cause problems and issues with Ubuntu and I was 100% correct there are many problems which are bugging users and adoption Gnome is a little difficult for users.
Microsoft had also released its fall creators update of Windows 10 last year in 17-October-2017 which was the most solid version of Windows 10 and I recommend windows 10 for home and personal day to day use because I have never seen stable version like this update since windows7 it is secure fast and works smoothly on laptops and touch tablets . The last results of windows defender are very impressive than before on av-test web site but I don't recommend Windows 10 to those who do not stick to official channel, download torrents and use cracks for software. The other factor for choosing Windows 10 for home and personal use is its GUI which very sensibly shifts from desktop mode to tablet mode and provide windows 8 like tiles in tablet mode which makes it very friendly for touch devices and windows is now a service and it is free to download and use no more paid license keys are needed for windows to install.
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if you are a small graphics designer and create video contents for youtube I highly recommend Mac OSX sierra to you to run adobe photoshop and other video editing software for your work because Mac OSX handles this type of work better than other operating systems and its clean and innovative user interface makes you more productive.


Servers and workstations require the stable and secure operating system to handle daily workload. They are the top target of hackers after homes users my recommendations for servers are OpenSUSE leap and Ubuntu LTS both provides provide a very stable operating system, as well as long-term support which fits for the needs of the server to handle daily tasks. Both distros offer a free operating system which cuts a huge chunk of coast have enhanced permission, increased flexibility, and stability. I highly recommend OpenSUSE as a web server and home server and system administrators can benefit from its tools like Kiwi, Yast, OBS, and openQA.


There is no doubt when it comes to gaming Microsoft always wins and my choice for gaming is windows 10 (the latest Windows operating system) it includes direct x 12 which is way better than OpenGL on Linux devices. If you are a pro gamer then windows 10 is your best companion to run all sorts of games for you, windows have more games then any other platform. On the other end, steam is a good alternative to windows but lack of game and incompatibilities kicks it out of the competition and windows is getting better day by day for gaming with every new release of its operating system.


I hope this review helps you in choosing the best operating system for your need I personally use Linux for my personal device and mac os x helps me with creating creative work. there is no best operating system every operating system has its own upsides and downsides, Some handle creative work and personal work better than others and few are rock sold for gaming.