It is very hard to choose the best Linux distribution of Linux for the year 2019 because of a lot of changes and new distributions releases we have seen this year in the Linux world. Which makes it very difficult for us to choose the best Linux distribution of the year especially when there are more than one LTS distros release and are being used by various computer users all around the world. For this particular reason we kept user-friendliness, Stability and feature richness in our mind before writing this review and after the month of research and testing, we can finally separate our best Linux distribution of the year 2019.

This year my choice of best Linux distribution is manjaro Linux with KDE desktop user interface it is very friendly and very professional with rolling release mean you don't have installed the new version of manjaro keep it update and you have the very latest version of manjaro Linux.

The software

Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux which is the highly customize-able distribution of Linux the downside of that distro is just that it is not easy to install and is only for pro users and there comes Manjaro Linux which provide technology of Arch in its core and it is very easy to install with its graphical user interface and software called thus according to Roland Singer
Manjaro Linux started as a hobby project and it’s just fun to work and develop with our great community on it! –


Manjaro Linux comes with more than one graphical user interface KDE, Xfce and net edition beside these three there are all kinds of Linux desktop GUI available like gnome,mate,lxqt,i3, deepin, cinnamon and budgie graphical user interface it now depends on you which GUI you like on Linux I personally like cinnamon and KDE.


Manjaro Linux comes with a big set of pre-installed software which is needed for daily use like libre office firefox e.t.c and provide updates for it through Pacman and have a huge repository of software in Pacman. The AUR repository allows installing a lot of software.


Manjaro Linux is fully customize-able you can customize every part of it from root to kernel. on manjaro Linux you can change your desktop environment easily if you are bored with one you are using or want to try a new desktop.

Reasons to choose as the best distro

  • Rolling release
  • Based on KDE
  • Based on the latest Linux kernel
  • Rock solid
  • Provide better support for a wide range of hardware
  • Most Beautiful distro
  • Driven by community
Download Manjaro Linux

Below video is complete guide for installing Manjaro Linux on pc