Linux is a free and open source kernel for operating systems created by Linus Torvalds and first appeared/released twenty-five years ago in the year 1991, For several different gnu OS the primary capability of Linux is to deal with the framework assets (Hardware). We can allude to it as an interface between the user and also the computer framework. Gnu/Linux has gotten many of accomplishment and presence within the most recent two decades with the greater part of the business and servers are now utilizing gnu/Linux. Many of home users began utilizing Linux as their everyday OS, and prevalent laptop and pc producers additionally have started giving gnu Linux as a pre-installed OS on their hardware as it's free and aids in cutting general expense. Linux is the third most famous operating system after windows and os X and it is very different kind of operating system it consists three main parts which are the kernel, shell, and programs which runs on the operating system. If you are interested in installing Linux and once you have got installed it you may fall in love with it. Linux permits you to do whatever you want to do, you can modify each and every part of operating system and make changes to your computer without any restrictions according to you your needs it fulfill your needs with ease it comes with a variety of free software's to use although Linux doesn't have all windows-software however there are several you can use in place of them as an alternative. It depends on you " what you want or what you need " needs can be fulfilled on Linux. The main reasons I really like Linux because it is fast, almost safe from threats, It's free and fun to use and gives you the freedom to modify each and every part of the operating system.

Let's check out the best distributions of Linux.

Debian for servers

Linux Debian is one of the oldest and best distributions of Linux with support to all Linux desktop environments. It was first released in 1993 and it is very stable, offers incredible features it runs on all sort of hardware from raspberry Pi to mobile and from mobile to space-station and satellites. It supports 43000 packages and is very popular with power users for networks servers and workstation.

Linux Mint 18.2 for Desktops

Linux Mint is the best Desktop distribution of Linux it is based on Ubuntu it comes with pre-installed applications you do not have to be compelled to install anything for general use. Linux mint has adopted LTS strategy which is good it means you'll get all Ubuntu based updates till 2021. Mint comes with different desktop environments mate, KDE, Xfce, and cinnamon. I like to recommend cinnamon and KDE for desktop use xface is also fast and responsive desktop environment. It is highly customizable and totally compatible with Ubuntu and Debian repositories.

Deepin for Laptops

When I looked for the best Linux distribution of laptops, Deepin was my favorite distro. Deepin Linux is completely suitable for portable computer and Desktop too. Because of its modern UI design and simple use make it one of the foremost successful Linux distribution in 2017. Deepin truly based on Debian Linux But, it has its own desktop UI. It uses the Deepin Desktop environment, In Deepin you'll easily access any software package on the computer and uninstall an application with ease. Deepin comes with the pre-installed application like King-soft office, Google Chrome, Deepin Music, Deepin movie and very attractive file manager, Deepin comes with its own software center which they call Deepin software Centre. By using this software Centres you can simply install any kind of application for very few clicks. Deepin has also a control center which is very powerful and beautiful than Ubuntu controls center.

Opensuse for Enterprises

Opensuse is my number one choice for Enterprise or small business it provides amazing tools for administrators. It comes with complete system management tool called YaST and comes with enough applications for you to get started. Its default desktop environment is KDE and gnome and have all important software for enterprise users.

Lubuntu for old computers

Lubuntu is very lightweight less resource consuming Linux distribution with the core of Ubuntu technologies. Lubuntu uses LXDE interface by default this operating system only requires900MHz processor and 256mb of ram to run it is mean that You can use it to give a second life to your old Pentium 3 or 4 PC or laptop.

Arch for Geeks

Arch is my number one choice for geeks this distro is more powerful than other Linux distributions but very unstable and distro as well. I highly recommend arch to those who pay and want to pay more attention to details this distro gives an environment of building the operating system from scratch Arch Linux only provide only one method of installation which they call "the archway" and it is difficult than usual GUI installations but you learn a lot about Linux during building your operating Arch only provides a command line interface which is very powerful method of installation but very non user friendly as well. This method further helps users to diagnose and fix problems after the installation of the operating system if they get into any trouble after installation.

Plasma Mobile for mobiles

KDE plasma mobile is a community-driven project of KDE it is based on Ubuntu phone but gives better and user-friendly user interface then unity scopes and supports all KDE applications on mobile devices it is a good and solid alternative to Android and Ubuntu phones on Linux.