Hi, buddies today article is all about reasons to choose Linux as desktop or laptop operating system. I am writing this article specially for windows users who want to change and want to use something else instead of windows. There are no doubt windows is a great software I used it till 2012 because of its spying, data stealing and unpatched venerabilities shearing to other took me far away from windows and I found Linux I started with Linux mint tried several other Linux distributions and now I am fulltime user of Arch Linux and now it is fun for me to develop and use the world advanced operating system. Today I am giving you my top reasons why I become a Linux user and left windows and Macintosh. Whether you believe me or not Linux is the world most advanced operating system for personal computers and laptops.

Linux is free not Gratis

Linux is free operating system not a gratis operating system like windows 10 which is controlled by corporation not by you and Linux mean total freedom on your computers mean once you installed it on your computer it is your property and do whatever you want to do with it edit, study and develop in your own way in your own fashion.

Linux is secure

Linux is the most secure operating system although it is not fully secure from viruses some bad members of society never leave you safe the viruses are also being made for Linux too but the good side of Linux is that nothing runs on your computer without your permission even viruses need your your password before installation on your computer the other advantage Linux users get from developers of kernel and from developers of operating system is that the all security updates for operating system developers provide you if there is any vulnerability in operating system they fix it and do not share this type of sensitive information with others like Microsoft do the one more thing I want to mention in this article is that Linux is used less in world its use  is too less on desktop and because of this it is not the main target of crackers and hackers.

The wide range of choice

Linux has a wide range of operating systems it is used in from raspberry-pi to international space station simply any electronic device which is programmable can run Linux on it even your coffee machine has Linux software which controls its functions. On the desktop, Linux has hundreds of operating systems you can choose one which fits your need our recommended Linux OS for 2017 is below.