Windows is a great software there is no doubt in this. In 2008 I purchased my personal desktop computer for the first time with windows XP at that time I was not much familiar with computer and computer software I always thought that it is some sort of typewriter with advanced features of screen which is used for office and home and yes it is also true at that time I had lack of knowledge about programming and software for years I used that windows XP operating system and learned to install and uninstalling software like antivirus and office etc with the help of my friend and learned how to install windows from CD ROM . In 2009 Microsoft launched upgraded version of windows (windows 7) I purchased it and started using it and learned a lot of programming and software development during my college days at that time I was very keen to learn and develop software and programs. I was very happy with my software and windows operating system than in 2012 I got an information about Linux from an online article I do not remember on which website. As a computer user I give it a try and from that day I am a permanent user of Linux I started with Linux Mint and Ubuntu now I am a user of arch Linux and developing my own distribution. Below in this article, I am going to explain you my top reasons which forced me to say goodbye to windows and made me Linux user for future.

1. Windows make your wallet empty

I had never seen free version of windows even when Microsoft launched windows 10 as a free upgrade for a year in reality it was not free at all it was just a gratis software for windows lovers with restrictions of devices (I tried windows 10 on my secondary laptop to check what kind of Microsoft windows have new features). I found those devices which were running windows vista were not allowed to upgrade to newer version of windows even if they have compatible hardware they were not allowed to install the latest software with pre installed spyware on it (data collection of Cortana). I wondered what kind of freedom is this and another corn is that Every software installation on windows needs a separate license to use and comes with copyrights which prevents you to shear software with others for improvements and helping sake and makes you pay bucks for your need fulfillment.

2. Windows gets viruses and have huge vulnerabilities

It was early in 1986 when Microsoft claimed windows is the most secure operating system but we Pakistanis made their claim wrong and two Pakistani boys Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi created first computer virus program and made bill gates statement wrong from that time different types of viruses and antiviruses are being made for windows and other operating systems. adware, spyware, and Trojans are examples of viruses and (windows and mac os x is also shipping viruses to your computer e.g Cortana and Sierra both have big vulnerabilities and security issues ) Linux is also not fully safe but it is safer than windows and mac os x at least Linux developers do not collect your personal information like Cortana and Sierra is doing.

3. Windows is heavy

Even if windows is a great software to use but there is a big disadvantage of windows. It is too heavy it runs great on newer hardware's but it runs slows on your computer if you have old pc i remember when I was running windows 7 on dual core system with one GB of ram. it was an awful experience which makes me purchase the new computer for my need.