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Opanxi GTK and gnome shell theme

Monday, April 29, 2019 - # # # #
opanxi gtk theme opanxi theme is a flat green gtk & gnome shell theme it gives you flat and manjaro style gtk looks on any Linux distribution. I created this theme because I was unable to find a good match for my taste on I am sharing this with you to try, test & report bugs and this theme is in my personal use, it is fun to play with gtk and gnome-shell I will try to donate as much of my free time as I can to make this project perfect for gnome desktop environment.
As I mentioned above this theme is in my personal use and I love to use perfect, simple and easy to use programmes/software.
"I know you might be thinking about bugs"
this theme will remain under continuous development for some time until/unless I make it perfect. I suggest you go and grab your copy of theme and install it report men here or on GitHub and open desktop to report bugs and suggest me error fixing and making opanxi theme better.


download opanxi-gtk and opanxi-shell and extract it to ./themes folder or /usr/share/themes folder which is highly recommended for better results.


  1. Download from github link
  2. Download GTK from opendesktop link
  3. Download Shell from opendesktop link

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