reasons to stop using whatsapp


Recently I found in our society the use of WhatsApp is continuously increasing day by day, especially in Arab countries, India and Pakistan. Every second person who uses smart cellphone uses WhatsApp for communication with their friends and family, and some use it just because it is fun to share videos and pictures with others in a group or to the individual. Once I was a user of WhatsApp I stopped using it for some reason which I am going to mention in this article in upcoming paragraphs.
I conducted research for days and talked to those who use WhatsApp for communication and sharing stuff like pictures and videos I found them 100% satisfied with services provided by WhatsApp. I asked them a few questions and founded them fully blindfolded they don't know what WhatsApp is doing with their privacy for providing awesome services.

My normal questions were
  • Do you know what is WhatsApp?
  • Why you use WhatsApp?
  • Are you satisfied with whats app services?
  • Is it necessary for communication?
  • Is it good for communication?
  • Do you know WhatsApp collect your personal data?
  • Did you ever read what kind of access you are providing to WhatsApp before installation?

Now let's talk about what whats app is taking from you with your permission.

Device app and history

This permission says to allow the whats app to view one or more of information about activity on the device, which apps are you running, browsing history and bookmarks.

OMG! did you ever wanted to share what you do on your device with other unknown persons, did you ever let anyone see what kind of apps you are using and what you are browsing through the internet. if you are using WhatsApp then congratulations you already did this they take your browser history from your mobile phone without letting you know they have all the information about your installed applications which you use on a daily basis and worse of all they can do whatever they want with data they collect form your devices.


use one or more account on your device profile data.

this means they are using not just your WhatsApp account they have access to the other accounts of your device because you have given them permission to access your confidential stuff emails facebook etc.


this permission uses your contacts.

this uses your contacts phone numbers. When you install WhatsApp on your device it tells your contacts and friends that you are on whats app without your permission to those who are using WhatsApp. In case I do not want to tell someone that has/had my number that I am using WhatsApp, WhatsApp automatically tells them you are using WhatsApp and this is happening without your will and you have given permission to WhatsApp on installation .

The location

uses your device location

our mobiles are not only calling devices they are also tracking devices your service provider always track your location and WhatsApp is also a surveillance company which tracks your location where you go which places you visit most on daily basis. this builds your behavior and daily routine and this data may help them find you when you quit using WhatsApp.


this permission says "uses one or more SMS MMS charges may apply"

oops! they have access to your private conversation with your contacts not only on WhatsApp but also on phone. you have granted permission to Whatsapp to send SMS and MMS from your cell phone.


uses one or more of files on a device such as images, videos or audio and the device external storage.

By installing this app you are giving permission to others to access your privacy they always know what has stored on your cell phone your private pictures, video recordings, and voice recording are always available for them to see and use.


uses the device camera

you are granting them permission to control your camera without permission so they can take photos and record videos without your permission whenever they want.


uses the microphone

Just like above permission this permission allow WhatsApp to access and control your phone microphone which permits WhatsApp to record your voice and phone calls.

Wifi connection information

allows the app to view information about wifi networking such as weather wifi is enabled and names of connections wifi devices.

WhatsApp users allow WhatsApp to collect information about wifi for example on which wifi mobile is connected and on which location phone connects to wifi.

Device id & call information

This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device ids, whether a call is active, and the remote number is connected by cell.

This permission gives WhatsApp access to a phone number and device ids, they collect information about your other accounts and sends information whether you are calling to someone or not.


The above article and data collection proves that WhatsApp is a surveillance application they spy on you and takes your personal information which values you a lot they have a horrible accesses to your phone they collect your personal information and one day they may use against you. I suggest you to always read access information before proceeding to install /accepting access to any application. I know after reading this article most of you won't quit using WhatsApp but knowing is better than being blindfolded. Protect your personal information and digital data on offline computers nothing is save online, even captured picture on your mobile store's information of your mobile camera, date taken, location and and always post those thing on the internet which you want to publish for the public and share this knowledge with others to help them to protect their privacy .