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Deepin Linux review the most beautiful distribution of Linux

Friday, May 10, 2019 - # #
Deepin is a Linux distribution based on Debian, it was based on Ubuntu till version 15 then deepin developers decided to shift their distribution on Debian, for better support and stability purpose, because Ubuntu is also derivative of Debian which is one of the oldest distribution of Linux I think this is nice step of deepin developers to shift their distribution on Debian which is the heart/core of Ubuntu . Deepin Linux comes with its own desktop user interface called Deepin desktop user interface, A very highly skilled chines software developing team is behind the creation of deepin operating system who are committed to giving a very stable, solid, secure, and beautiful Linux distribution loaded with all new features. Beside Desktop UI deepin developers are also providing their own set of utilities and software like the deepin movie, deepin music, Terminal e.t.c. The other best things in deepin include the contentious development of the operating system, meaning new features come very quickly or when you request them. Not only for the operating system but also for their own software, Deepin uses Linux kernel and modify it and add new drivers and features in it.

Let's dive Deep into Deepin Linux


Installation of Deepin is very easy and everything went very smoothly, I just created a bootable USB with tool came with downloaded of deepin iso image (Deepin bookmaker) and I just followed the few steps and my system was ready to use I didn't find any live version for test before installation like Ubuntu and other Debian distribution have for testing purpose before proceeding to installation. The installation is very easy any intermediate computer user can install it without getting into any trouble.


Deepin uses their own desktop environment called DDE which is officially made by the deepin team for deepin Linux, which is well integrated with the base operating system and not dependent on others desktops providers like other distributions are (for instance fedora) to update and give you new features to use on it.


Dock of deepin Linux is very customize-able like apple's doc it can be moved on top, bottom and sides of your desktop screen, you can adjust it according to your comfort, you can change it anytime from fashion mode to efficient mode, everything runs from it like it is like a menu bar which comes on another desktop environment.

Sidebar / control center

the sidebar of deepin contain all of your system settings, customization's and system information and it helps you find updates for your deepin operating system.

Original applications

Deepin Linux comes with complete set of applications required for daily use of computer the greatest thing about deepin is that like their desktop environment DDE the essential applications for operating system are also their own its mean for applications they are also not dependent on others few of their applications include deepin file manager, terminal, deepin movie, calendar, Deepin music, Deepin App-store e.t.c

Deepin AppStore

Deepin app store is well-designed app store it has integration of app icons, basic information of software, download, installation, and ratings. Everything was fine on deepin app store except the apps were outdated as you know I am the user of Arch Linux I like updated apps and on deepin, I found the version of google chrome is 54 and on my arch system it was version number 56.

File manager

File manager of deepin is minimal it has the look and feel of windows and cinnamon. I say less cinnamon and more windows and the file manager is clear and easy to use.


Deepin Linux uses Linux kernel version 4.4 which is LTS version of the Linux kernel. On their website, they say we found many issues and incompatibility on Debian kernel while shifting distro from Ubuntu to Debian and decided to host and maintain independent kernel. I think this is a good idea I had an incompatibility issue on Debian like graphics card GPU hardware acceleration support and wifi.


Overall deepen is a very good user-friendly Linux distro I am very impressed with their desktop look and feel and their concept of original applications and desktop UI is amazing it seems they are building something new independent on Linux with their own ideas and stuff. I recommend using Deepin Linux to home users for daily use of the computer.


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