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My nordic i3 setup for 2020 with poly bar and rofi

Sunday, January 5, 2020 - # # # # Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Few months ago I was using gnome on my daily use computer, and I was quite happy with it. But it was heavy on CPU resources and few tasks took too much time to complete such as video rendering.
This year I decided to switch to i3 window manager which is just a tilling window manager not a full desktop environment Windows draw on your window manager as tiles, there is no floating windows by default and there are key bindings to navigate from one window to another window. When I installed it first I was not sure where should I start from but after learning key bindings it was very easy to navigate from one window to another window and it is much easier use than full fledged desktop environment. I liked it very much and I will stay an on it forever and never switch to another desktop environment because it is fast and it works for me the way I want it to work.
On i3 window manager I am free to create my own key bindings, configs and I can customize it the way I want. For this setup I am using polybar as my status bar, and I am also using Rofi as a replacement of the dmenu and I have given a nord colors look to my setup and I hope you will like my setup

Things I am using for this setup.

  • Distro = Arch linux
  • Karnel = linux lts karnel
  • WM = I3-Gaps
  • Shell = Zsh, with oh my zsh and powerlevel9k
  • Statusbar = Polybar
  • Menu = Rofi as Dmenu
  • Terminal = Termite
  • Font = Fira Code , FontAwesome 5 pro
  • GTK theme = Nordic Darker Standard Buttons
  • Icons = Nordic Darker
  • Color pallets = Nord

Riced Applications

  • Polybar
  • Rofi
  • Termite
  • Atom
  • GTK Apps , Google Chrome, Firefox, thunar etc
  • Terminator
  • Ranger
  • Htop
  • Gtop

Download my dotfiles from Github

I3 wm
i3 wm with polybar

i3 with terminal
I3 running termite

I3 wm
I3 running ranger, htop and gtop

I3 wm
i3 running gimp

I3 wm
i3 ruuning rofi

I3 wm
i3 running thunar and google chrome

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